Wednesday, October 17, 2012

so Big..

She got in the chair all by herself, and then looked at her Dad and I like....
Hello! Did you see that?
Did I mention for the last few weeks she goes up the stairs all by herself too?  She doesn't know how to go back down yet so its kind of scary.  She's giving me LOTS of heart attacks.

17 Post down, 14 still to go..... this is getting hard.

and this is a conversation my son had with my Mom last night that made me laugh.
 (I'm super excited I can take pics of my screen now!) 
 I wonder what a chumwawa looks like?
I'm betting it's cute.

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  1. she's sooo much fun! & we are all so lucky to have a Gramma who will text us! (auto-correct and all!)