Monday, July 23, 2012

save the date!

It's that time again....The Walk with Angels!
Leighton was not diagnosed with Down syndrome before birth.  Little did we know what an amazing blessing she would be, and how her extra 21st chromosome would change our lives for the better.  Two days after her birth two amazing mothers from United Angels walked into my hospital room, and help to change the negative outlook of her diagnosis for My husband and I.  They each had a child with Down syndrome who had blessed them, and their lives were better for it.  United Angels does one fundraiser a year.  Every position in the foundation is by volunteer. The money donated for the walk helps the foundation provide learning materials, educational classes and activities for families with children who have special needs.  They have been an amazing support for our family. We are always excited to get to go to a party or class with the foundation. I know it will be a huge blessing for Leighton as she grows up knowing, playing, and befriending other children her age with special needs.  It's also a great place for my other children to learn, and befriend children with special needs their own age and also make friends with other kids who have special need siblings as well.

The walk is on August 25, and our team is called Chrome Cousins. If you want a team shirt this year please let me know. They should be 5 dollars. I will have more details on that soon, but they are going to be super CUTE!  We formed a team with Leighton's Cousin this year.
Please visit our team page. Even if you can't come you can still donate. Every little bit counts.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

last bit

We cleaned out a bunch of movies and now I can upload some of my favorite 
pictures of the last few weeks. 
 Leight's got a baby this month.  Sister said she needed a prize for doing so well at her kidney appointment.  She's always hanging her upside down and stuff, but she does feed her.  Bah-bah's are important things.
Brother was at another baseball camp all week.
Topped off the week with sister and cousin being in a parade.

and I started to Instagram. 
That's my kind of social networking because I love pictures. 
Here's a group of mine from the month.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Broken? What's Broken?  

Oh don't worry it's nothing too essential, not anyone's leg. Nothing like that.

It's just my computer!

Oh wait I take it back, that is something kind of essential.

My hard drive is full, my lap top is old.  It's a big huge pain to try and save any of my photos. This is the reason why my post have slowly been dwindling into complete silence. Don't worry I'm ordering a new and bigger hard drive within the hour. 

Here is the one and only photo of Leighton's life lately.
It has taken me FOREVER just to put a watermark on, and import into my
photos, but this IS an important day.

Leights can rock the pigtails now....
See you in 3-5 days when my new hard drive gets here.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

the 4th

We have been so busy.  Therapy, Specialists, sharing times, baseball games 

(brothers team won the city championship) 

and then to top it off our traditional 4th trip....

not our best family pictures..wind/bugs that sound like rattle snakes!

room service..

night walks to 7eleven.
great trip.