Sunday, June 24, 2012

a lot of the time.....

My kids HATE getting pictures!
(wait me? I'm innocent..)
 I realized today that I haven't pulled my real camera out in basically 2 weeks!  
My iPhone takes really bad pictures (in my opinion), and I have been using it all the time lately. I decided Leighton needed a photo shoot.  Well all my kids do.  But when I pull out the camera the other two run into a corner and hide. OK maybe their not that bad, but yesterday they hide under the dinner table when I pulled out the phone.  

(really MOM?)

So really I do love the other two kids a bunch, but they don't love pictures very much.  Leighton is starting to follow their example she turned in circles today trying to get away from me and the offending camera.  
 My neighbor was laughing at me.  
Good thing I'm still bigger because she's one cute stinker!

Monday, June 18, 2012

The week

It's been a busy week of appointments and activities and things we have to do.
We went out to visit hubbs dads at the farm. 
I forgot my camera with all the craziness of getting out the door.
Its funny the different perceptions people have of a place.  I think it's pretty beautiful out there. The kids think it's a huge adventure, and hubs finds it not very exciting. 
 I didn't get very good photos of brother or baby.
it's cute how she uses her toes like hands though.
Here's a few more shots of the week with my phone.
 Meet Leights best friend. They hang out all the time.
after this last week we definitely need more days like today....

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Lovin

had us a blast!  We are LOVING SUMMER SO FAR!
This has been the best week.  We have slept in a few days, and Leighton is back to sleeping through the night about half the week, and that is PROGRESS! 
The doctor told me her not sleeping could very likely be nightmares, and I can't blame the girl 
(it does seem like nightmares too).  

We have been swimming, and Leights is a little fish.  

She paddles and kicks! I know right???? I need to get her in private swim because she just kind of dives in to her tummy, and this girl might be very scary next year.  
 She has finally started doing her signs.  She made up her own, and I've been working on getting her to do the ones her speech therapist told me to do, and guess what her motivation was to make it work.....yep swimming!

Brother had baseball all week.  He had camp at 9-11:30,  then we drove back to the high school for another camp from 12-3.  Then he had practice, and a game. Luckily that was only two days (well brother didn't think it was he could do that all week)...good thing the high school camp lasted all week, and a bonus because the high school is right by the pool!
Brothers Homer at camp
 Looking through my film I see where Leighton gets her super model skills...oh wait I already new this.

this girl loves getting her picture taken.

We also hit the summerfest a few city's over last night.
 Leighton LOVED the carousel

 right when she saw it she said OOOOh.
It's been a busy and super fun...great...entertaining week.
Tonight we will be hitting the park for fireworks!