Sunday, June 24, 2012

a lot of the time.....

My kids HATE getting pictures!
(wait me? I'm innocent..)
 I realized today that I haven't pulled my real camera out in basically 2 weeks!  
My iPhone takes really bad pictures (in my opinion), and I have been using it all the time lately. I decided Leighton needed a photo shoot.  Well all my kids do.  But when I pull out the camera the other two run into a corner and hide. OK maybe their not that bad, but yesterday they hide under the dinner table when I pulled out the phone.  

(really MOM?)

So really I do love the other two kids a bunch, but they don't love pictures very much.  Leighton is starting to follow their example she turned in circles today trying to get away from me and the offending camera.  
 My neighbor was laughing at me.  
Good thing I'm still bigger because she's one cute stinker!

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