Friday, November 30, 2012


Isn't December the busiest month for everyone? Everyday I add one more thing to my calendar.  It's already jammed full.  I love all the traditions that we have.  I love how excited my kids get for Christmas morning.  I remember that excited feeling, and you just CAN'T fall asleep. Although I don't always love how early they wake up because I'm tired the rest of the day (especially if we stay up to put some of their gifts together).  I remind myself that they are going to grow up so fast, and when they're teenagers I will probably be dragging them out of bed on Christmas morning.  It's really easy for me to focus on the crowds, the overbooked days, the stress.  I like to remind myself of the fun and wonder my kids feel.  Doing that makes me excited for this crazy busy month instead of dreading it.

Last night we went to the festival of trees.  It's a humbling thing if you look at all the dedications, and the stories behind the trees.  I'm grateful for this moment when my family is all healthy, safe, and happy.  The year didn't start out that way, with Leights.  We had surgery looming, and I was so afraid she wouldn't survive it. I feel like we are a blessed little family right now.

On the way home I read this article and it made me think about so many things. My thoughts and feelings are so much like this writer.  The night of Leightons birth Hubs and I worried about Leights never growing up, and always having to depend on us her whole life. That wasn't something very appealing at the time.  Now I do therapy to help her grow up, and be independent the whole time feeling like she is growing up way to fast, and wanting it to slow down. I think people might not get that I actually find having Leights around to take care of always as something very appealing.  How lucky am I that I will always have a child depend on me? I wont ever have to let all my children go. I know it's healthy for the other two to fly from the nest, but with Leights it's expected I take care of her forever.  I will most likely get to experience being a grandma, and mother in a more mature way while still being the kind of Mom I am now to Leights.  When we had Leighton our outlook on the future shifted dramatically and what we thought our "Golden Years" would be like wasn't going to look the same. Once you get over the selfish thoughts you realize all the positives in what you have been blessed with, and your future will be even better then you planned it should be.

Having my special needs child has changed my outlook on being a Mom. With a child like Leights you realize that your children aren't really an extension of yourself. They aren't who should live out your dreams, do the things you never got to do, and that kind of pressure shouldn't be placed on them.  Who cares if you don't raise a future president or heart surgeon. You still love them to pieces.  Your children are independent people who should get the chance to live out their own dreams. They will turn out as the people they want and should be, not who and what you think they should be.  It may be heartbreaking but they have there own paths to walk. They have their own weaknesses to overcome, and strengths to find and magnify.   I still think we need to teach and help them, but we can't force them to be who they aren't.  She says something like this in her article too, and I'm like YES, that's how I feel now too. 

We have to live in the moment, and especially enjoy it when we are being blessed with health and calm.  I sometimes have a hard time when it's like this. An amazing vacation coming,  healthy kids, a great husband, and maybe a new it the calm before the storm? I hope not! I remind myself I have to refocus my thoughts and live and enjoy these moments. I wish I didn't have to remind myself, but oh well, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.

My only pictures this week were on the phone so..

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

a Move?

I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving.  Where has the year gone? I have my kids Christmas presents bought, which is a huge relief.  We are doing one big present for the big kids this year. Leights is getting a wagon for her big one, and a bonus of a baby.

I guess I'll just say it, because I have been getting a lot of questions about it. Are we moving? The answer is probably.  As of this moment we are most likely building a house about 2 blocks away.  I hate to say this is a final decision as we haven't signed any final contracts, but that's what we really would like to do.  We LOVE our neighborhood, but Leights crib, dresser, toys, diaper changer, and everything else has been in our room for over a year now, and it's time we get a little something bigger. We have actually been looking for a new house for 2.5 years now, but really haven't wanted to move from our awesome neighbors/ friends.  It's been hard because the neighborhood feels like it's home, but our house doesn't.  I really wish we could just drop a new one right on top of this one.

I guess back to the Thanksgiving preparations. It's my first time being assigned stuffing. Which hello there are a million different recipes out there. I bought stove top for backup (horrible, but that's my favorite kind). Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!


Friday, November 16, 2012

were going to a Hukilau...

AHH exciting news!! 

 When Hubs was at his meetings in Scottsdale everyone came in and told him congrats on his dealership winning the corporate presidents club award (called something like that) He didn't even know about the competition, he's just awesome like that anyway.  With that you usually win an awesome vacation. Usually the owner goes, because Hello, He owns the company and all or Hubs passes the smaller ones on to his other managers or salesmen.  He likes to be fair and He's actually got one coming up where they drew names and his name got drawn so he's going to San Francisco in a few weeks to watch a 49ers game.  Back to the point his boss called him last week and said we get to take the BIG one he just won this year.  

So there is 3 awesome vacations and first choices goes to whoever places highest. So vacation one, the best, The tournament of champions.  Which is an all expense paid trip to Hawaii to see the PGA tour, stay in Maui in a super nice resort, spa treatments, and free golfing included, as well as meals.  Trip two was the super bowl in New Orleans (hubs would like super bowl, but went to New Orleans this year already), trip three was see the GRAMMYs in LA. We were happy with whatever because they are all awesome once in a lifetime chances. Well he got his E-mail yesterday that said..

Your outstanding performance and extra effort has earned you a trip to the Tournament of Champions at the spectacular Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua in Kapalua, Maui!
Thank you for delivering the results necessary to earn this exceptional reward!

(google says this is our hotel)

So excited, it looks like Leights and I will be heading to Hawaii with Daddy!   

So I'm putting it out here, because we have never been to Hawaii (well technically hubs had a long layover there and got to see some of it for a few hours on his way to Guam), we need to know any suggestions or tips you have.  From my tiny research I really need to get to Oahu for at least a day because I guess the LDS Temple, The Cultrual Center, and Pearl Harbor are all there.

Friday, November 9, 2012


   We had an awesome week!
Hubs work flew us to Scottsdale, Arizona and paid for us to stay in a resort with the likes of people like Ray Lewis (some NFL dude rehabbing an injury who hubs was excited to see). It was a super fun trip but the Hotel wasn't what dreams are made of (rude staff, and dirty floors).

We went on a hummer tour and seriously almost died rolling off a cliff. Leighton and another babe were on it with us, and I would say a top 10 worst Mommy moment.
Sunset on ride...
 The hummer tour ended at a ranch which was awesome since Kevin Bacon taught me and hubs how to throw an ax.
Not the Real Kevin Bacon
That ranch was a highlight of the trip.
Also a highlight.... I won the first prize in the "wife scavanger hunt" and got a 60 minute Swedish Massage from the fancy resort spa, and that was heavenly.
My absolute favorite was the day of shopping we did.
 We shopped our way to old town from Fashion Square.
Which is my new favorite mall ever.  It had EVERYTHING!!
It had my very favorite stores ever. 
I always shop at them online because 
they aren't here.  I swear going there was like watching a NFL game for my husband. Loved it!
 Madewell, and my new dress from Free People

(I know funny pictures.. I don't usually take pics like this, but
I had to text the dress to hubs for a second opinion, 
and had to instagram Madewell's storefront,
and this was so fun for me so Tah-duh my weird pics for you). 
 Temperature extremes. 
Our home yesterday to our home today!
and My favorite vacation instagrams...


Friday, November 2, 2012

a Habit.

It feels like in that month I've developed the habit of posting everyday.   Yesterday I was like...I need to post, just kidding I don't. Which is kind of nice because I hate writing.  I thought I would post my favorite instagrams though because I do love pictures.
and now were off to see Wreck it Ralph, and hopefully eat at the Pie!
Have a good weekend.