Thursday, December 29, 2011

a new ride..

Leighton got her first car for Christmas (Thanks Grandma).  
She loves it.
Sorry for the picture overload, but they were all so cute, and I couldn't decide which was my favorite.
Waving at the neighbor
yes bro and sis are her neighbors
S'up brother!
 Reminding me of a gangsta...
boom, ba, boom boom.
a few other cuties.

 Honk Honk,  stay in your lane, goodness learn to drive!
another fun toy she got from a cousin (but really her Uncle and Aunt).
 Hmmm there's a toy in the way, but I can still rollover.  
I'll just do the splits!
and I just LOVE babies in white onesies. 
Shhhh! she's not asleep, she was just acting.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

First Christmas

Leighton has been loving the last few days.  
 She likes getting gifts.  
She knows just what to do with that wrapping paper.  She tore it up! 
 She definitely took Santa to the bank this year, well at least in her mind.  
She was pretty happy with all her gifts.

She looked so cute in her Christmas dress.
 Love her Christmas headband.
New Christmas Jams...
 With Bro. and Sis. 
They all couldn't wait for Santa to make up drop off.
Playing with her BFF
These cuzes were born on the same day, at the same hospital.
Check out her muscles. She's getting stronger!

Friday, December 23, 2011


Daddy got hooked up by a friend with a timeshare, so he used the last of his vacation days.  
Our hotel suit was huge!  
 We came in and there was a living room and kitchen. Then on one side a master suit with a large amazing bathroom.  Then on the other side was a room with two queen beds and smaller bathroom.  Brother and Sister were especially impressed with the three large flat screen TV's.  
A bed fit for a Princess.
What Baby Supermodels do while Bro & Sis ice skate.
 Brother warming up by his baby sis.
 Mom and Babes snuggling. 
 her face is like "stop it Mom" ... OK I won't smother you so much!
Liking it at first!
 Umm....Then she was over it!
 Picture in the cheese.
Fun trip...Especially being with the whole family on this one.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Infantino Pics!

I love when exciting things come in the mail. Even when it's by E-mail.  I got a few of Leightons pictures from her photo shoot today. We must document her first paying gig. Even if she only received swag (a.k.a. free product).

We wont find out until Spring if they use her, but come on......those blue eyes, full lips, and perfect skin.  She would make me want to buy baby toys!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Buns of Steel.

 Leighty bug's PT (physical therapist) says she needs to work on her derriere. So she gets to wear this lovely piece of pantyhose while she plays on her tummy. 
She doesn't love it, but she actually rolls so much better when it's on because it keeps her flexibility in check.  I can see the progress already. So we'll keep working that little gluteus maximus.

 Why do babes love cords?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baby Supermodel.

Being a model requires many looks for your look book...
I mean what client wants a one dimensional model? 
That is not how supermodels are made!
 We practiced Leighty's different looks.
 Even baby supermodels require a little practice! 


Friday, December 9, 2011

Be Merry!

I need photo shop, and it's not because of baby supermodel!
this can be the Leightys Christmas card.

or maybe this one...
Look at the wonder in her face. Love her.

Monday, December 5, 2011

mini me.

This little girl is my twin.  I think she would be just like me if she didn't have an extra 21. Check this out.

She loves books just like her mamma.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Babes in Toyland!

This is what happens when.....?
Your cleaning your Fridge and your 9 yr old is home from school.
(took off her PJ's "cause she was hot"  and then surrounds her in toys "because she likes it!")

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A new twist!

Leighty's hair is getting long. It's at that point where you don't know what to do. So today we tried a tiny twist, 

 and she thought she looked AH- may-ZING! I just love her.
 Sighhhhhh... she has me totally smitten.
 and also I've been thinking about how I don't know any celebrities that have Ds babes, and I come across this in my new book.
Do you recognize this mister from scrubs?
One of the hardest things for Me to deal with as I raise this girl with Trisomy 21 is the fear.  It seems with Leighton we always have a something to worry about.
Hitting milestone, getting procedures and special shots approved, blood work test,  ultrasounds on different body parts: hips kidneys heart, lung x-rays, sedation, open heart surgery. You cross your fingers and hope/pray everything comes back "normal" on a baby that you have been told isn't "normal". You have all these "What ifs," what if she gets a blood clot, or a staph infection. What if she has pneumonia, leukemia, diabetes.  Sometimes I let these fears consume me. I sometimes go hid in my house with my little baby and shield us from all of this. I just shut the world out for a few hours and I just pretend nothing is happening. I don't know if it's healthy, but its what I do, and I feel better.
Anyway in my book he wrote about being a father of a Ds son, about how people let fear dictate their decisions in aborting the baby, but this is the part I needed this week.

"You get to trump fear by preserving glimpses of joy!  Now we will always be afraid of this, that, and the other thing. But it is almost impossible to live in fear when we are actively engaged in giving love and pursuing joy."

Who would have thought that the guy from scrubs would make my week just a little bit better. He is completely right!  I realized that's what I do.  I go home and play with her and I find joy in her.  I get to shut it out for a while. My little bug always brings me out of those terrifying fears.
   She is a beacon of light that fills my heart with warmth and calm when the darkness of fear starts to constrict my heart. She feels my heart with joy and it breaks those constricting bands that nothing else can loosen. I'm grateful everyday for my Children.