Monday, September 24, 2012

the Walker

Look what Leights Physical Therapist left with us today! 
Seriously thinking of dressing this little miss up as a grandma for Halloween.

"That's right Peeps, I rule"


Thursday, September 20, 2012

a Proud Mama!

Brother came home from school yesterday, and couldn't wait to share his exciting news.  It came busting out the second he saw me.  His teacher chose him to read to the special needs class every Wednesday.  He was able to read to one little girl who has Down syndrome yesterday, and told me all about his experience.  He told me how much he loved having the opportunity to do this every week.  This morning I over heard him tell his Dad he loves going to school, and He can't wait until next Wednesday, and He loves recess, and PE best too.
Yesterday He also told me his friend was picked to go on Tuesdays.  His friend didn't want to do it.  He was nervous, and told my Son he doesn't know anything about these kids, and doesn't want to hurt their feelings.  He's scared of them, He's scared of the unknown.  He didn't tell me if his friend opted out of the opportunity.  I hope not. Leighton is a joy.  Her siblings teach her so much, but she also teaches them such important things in return.  Brother and Sister prospective of Disabilities have broadened.  He knows those kids really are just like him. They aren't scary to him, getting to spend time with them is the most exciting opportunity.  He is excited to have any chance to interact with them weekly, and wishes it was everyday.  
Sister also had a little girl with Cerebral  Palsy in her Kindergarten class.  She adores her. They aren't in the same class anymore, but she still tells me about how she saw her in the hall that day, and that she has the cutest voice. Seeing her friend is always a highlight of the day.  I hope when she's older she gets to spend time with the Special Needs class too.  
Thanks to Leighton my kids are developing into more inclusive little persons, 
and that makes me proud.  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

a Homecoming..

Isn't it so fitting since it's the season for homecoming, we went and visited hubs parents (and brother's fam) at his home town today. We always love going out there.  Here's a few photos of our fun day. 

The Boardwalk

The Lake

A few more

He comes from such a beautiful place.  Lately when we visit we make him be our tour guide. It has become of favorite activity. The kids can't wait to go out there, and learn about Dad's childhood.

Leighton started swimming lessons.  She is doing pretty amazing. 

I think it's actually been some good physical therapy, even though that wasn't the plan.  I just really want her to be able to swim because she has no fear of water.  
Isn't she cute in her suit?

and these are the worst pictures ever but look what she did all by herself tonight..
She pulled to standing!! She'll do this if I "encourage" it, and this is the first time alone.
Hurray for hitting a new milestones.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A no good very bad day!

OK so technically today could have been a lot worse.  Yes, I have a better then most perspective of what a bad day can really be.  I still feel like I can be super annoyed at this day though.  I won't talk about the morning which was mostly good. Oh and I thought the day would turn around when I got my family pictures disc in the mail.  I laid little Leights in her crib for her nap and popped in the CD. Then I get on here so you can all see them only to find out I didn't have anymore "free storage space" left on google and then stupid me is like What pay 2.50 a month for the rest of my life for more storage space, I think not! Went and mass deleted a whole bunch of pictures without reading the fine print of PERMANENTLY DELETED FROM YOUR BLOG.  I thought who cares if I don't have them saved in my web album I have my pictures saved on my new terabite of hard drive, plus Hubbies external one. Just kidding I ruined my whole blog so good luck looking at my past post of  little Leighton munchkin as a baby it's just a black box!  I hate you google, but I'm still supper excited about our family pictures.  Here's just a few. 

 She did such a good job I have like 80 awesome pictures, 
(which I obviously can't load all here, curse you google!)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

so so much..

Yes so so much has been going on.  We have been having so much fun lately.  Here's a few pictures of all the fun ....
Walk With Angels


Just because she's cute.

Yes I have more, but haven't had time to go through them all.  Also on happy news my new hard drive, and memory is installed.  Hurray!

and of course some of my instagram pictures