Sunday, September 16, 2012

a Homecoming..

Isn't it so fitting since it's the season for homecoming, we went and visited hubs parents (and brother's fam) at his home town today. We always love going out there.  Here's a few photos of our fun day. 

The Boardwalk

The Lake

A few more

He comes from such a beautiful place.  Lately when we visit we make him be our tour guide. It has become of favorite activity. The kids can't wait to go out there, and learn about Dad's childhood.

Leighton started swimming lessons.  She is doing pretty amazing. 

I think it's actually been some good physical therapy, even though that wasn't the plan.  I just really want her to be able to swim because she has no fear of water.  
Isn't she cute in her suit?

and these are the worst pictures ever but look what she did all by herself tonight..
She pulled to standing!! She'll do this if I "encourage" it, and this is the first time alone.
Hurray for hitting a new milestones.

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  1. I Love our cute BEBE. I can't believe she is standing up. She will walk away from us before we know it. We will be happy and sad all at the same time.