Thursday, September 13, 2012

A no good very bad day!

OK so technically today could have been a lot worse.  Yes, I have a better then most perspective of what a bad day can really be.  I still feel like I can be super annoyed at this day though.  I won't talk about the morning which was mostly good. Oh and I thought the day would turn around when I got my family pictures disc in the mail.  I laid little Leights in her crib for her nap and popped in the CD. Then I get on here so you can all see them only to find out I didn't have anymore "free storage space" left on google and then stupid me is like What pay 2.50 a month for the rest of my life for more storage space, I think not! Went and mass deleted a whole bunch of pictures without reading the fine print of PERMANENTLY DELETED FROM YOUR BLOG.  I thought who cares if I don't have them saved in my web album I have my pictures saved on my new terabite of hard drive, plus Hubbies external one. Just kidding I ruined my whole blog so good luck looking at my past post of  little Leighton munchkin as a baby it's just a black box!  I hate you google, but I'm still supper excited about our family pictures.  Here's just a few. 

 She did such a good job I have like 80 awesome pictures, 
(which I obviously can't load all here, curse you google!)

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  1. Oh they are so cute!! And I'm SO sorry about the blog pics! :(