Thursday, September 20, 2012

a Proud Mama!

Brother came home from school yesterday, and couldn't wait to share his exciting news.  It came busting out the second he saw me.  His teacher chose him to read to the special needs class every Wednesday.  He was able to read to one little girl who has Down syndrome yesterday, and told me all about his experience.  He told me how much he loved having the opportunity to do this every week.  This morning I over heard him tell his Dad he loves going to school, and He can't wait until next Wednesday, and He loves recess, and PE best too.
Yesterday He also told me his friend was picked to go on Tuesdays.  His friend didn't want to do it.  He was nervous, and told my Son he doesn't know anything about these kids, and doesn't want to hurt their feelings.  He's scared of them, He's scared of the unknown.  He didn't tell me if his friend opted out of the opportunity.  I hope not. Leighton is a joy.  Her siblings teach her so much, but she also teaches them such important things in return.  Brother and Sister prospective of Disabilities have broadened.  He knows those kids really are just like him. They aren't scary to him, getting to spend time with them is the most exciting opportunity.  He is excited to have any chance to interact with them weekly, and wishes it was everyday.  
Sister also had a little girl with Cerebral  Palsy in her Kindergarten class.  She adores her. They aren't in the same class anymore, but she still tells me about how she saw her in the hall that day, and that she has the cutest voice. Seeing her friend is always a highlight of the day.  I hope when she's older she gets to spend time with the Special Needs class too.  
Thanks to Leighton my kids are developing into more inclusive little persons, 
and that makes me proud.  


  1. oh, this is awesome!!! And totally warms my heart! Brother and Sister are going to be such good examples to other people around them. I remember a girl in my class at school and she had an older brother with disabilities. I remember always looking up to her because she was so kind to him and let him around and was proud of him. I don't think I ever told her I looked up to her but I should. Your kids will touch lives with their examples that they won't even know they've touched!

  2. What a wonderful opportunity for CB! and how wonderful that it has brought about a brighter outlook on school for him. I'm so happy to witness the great good that has come about our whole family because we know and get to love lil' Leighty!