Friday, March 28, 2014


At the end of January Leighton, Hubs, and I took a trip to New Orleans. I am just barely blogging about it because I got sick right after and had a 12 day hospital stay, which I might write about later.

So back to NOLA. I've heard it's pretty dirty here and yes I would agree, but it was also a very fun trip. I would recommend a trip here if you get a chance. I have always wanted to visit the south. I love books based around the Civil War, plantations, and slavery. I like to understand peoples mind sets at that time, and find the History very interesting. Anyway I would have to say it was the most educational trip I have been on.  Hubs was in trainings all day so we took off and explored a little of the city.  It was unusauly cold there, especially the first day and I didn't take any pictures of the first day with my good camera because I forgot it in the hotel. We visited the Aquarium and it was really fun for Leighton and we stayed nice and warm. Here's my pictures from day 2 and 3 though.

On River Walk
The Mississippi River
 We took the ferry across and that was Leighton's favorite thing we did. 

Jackson Square
 We shopped the French Quarter and tried Beignets (a must do) from Cafe Du Monde

I dragged the Ladies on a Plantation Tour and I am SOO glad I did. It was amazing even if I earned the nickname "DORA" (dora the explorer) from them.  I was raised to travel this way and so I think I'm normal. 

Laura Plantation
A classic Creole Plantation with the colors and decor inside.

 You've heard of Uncle Remus, and Briar Rabbit. This is the plantation where He lived and the stories were told. It was my favorite of the two. I could have stayed and learned about it's history all day.

Orange Trees
(I've always wanted one)

Oak Alley Plantation
This Plantation was so Grand The trees were nothing I've seen before and everything you would picture a Plantation to be. 

Vacation Instagrams

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

our insta-life...

I decided to clean out my iPhone pictures and I realized how bad I have been at blogging so here's a partial catch up on what has happened in instagram pictures. 

Right before Thanksgiving we took a trip to Disneyland.  
Brother was playing in a baseball tournament so we figured we were half way there so why not?
It was so much fun. 

trip instagrams...

Here's some of Leighton's Christmas instagrams....

and here's some (fun, important, & my favorite) instagrams that's happened in December and January..

and that's a little of our life brought to you by instagram...