Friday, December 23, 2011


Daddy got hooked up by a friend with a timeshare, so he used the last of his vacation days.  
Our hotel suit was huge!  
 We came in and there was a living room and kitchen. Then on one side a master suit with a large amazing bathroom.  Then on the other side was a room with two queen beds and smaller bathroom.  Brother and Sister were especially impressed with the three large flat screen TV's.  
A bed fit for a Princess.
What Baby Supermodels do while Bro & Sis ice skate.
 Brother warming up by his baby sis.
 Mom and Babes snuggling. 
 her face is like "stop it Mom" ... OK I won't smother you so much!
Liking it at first!
 Umm....Then she was over it!
 Picture in the cheese.
Fun trip...Especially being with the whole family on this one.

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