Friday, November 9, 2012


   We had an awesome week!
Hubs work flew us to Scottsdale, Arizona and paid for us to stay in a resort with the likes of people like Ray Lewis (some NFL dude rehabbing an injury who hubs was excited to see). It was a super fun trip but the Hotel wasn't what dreams are made of (rude staff, and dirty floors).

We went on a hummer tour and seriously almost died rolling off a cliff. Leighton and another babe were on it with us, and I would say a top 10 worst Mommy moment.
Sunset on ride...
 The hummer tour ended at a ranch which was awesome since Kevin Bacon taught me and hubs how to throw an ax.
Not the Real Kevin Bacon
That ranch was a highlight of the trip.
Also a highlight.... I won the first prize in the "wife scavanger hunt" and got a 60 minute Swedish Massage from the fancy resort spa, and that was heavenly.
My absolute favorite was the day of shopping we did.
 We shopped our way to old town from Fashion Square.
Which is my new favorite mall ever.  It had EVERYTHING!!
It had my very favorite stores ever. 
I always shop at them online because 
they aren't here.  I swear going there was like watching a NFL game for my husband. Loved it!
 Madewell, and my new dress from Free People

(I know funny pictures.. I don't usually take pics like this, but
I had to text the dress to hubs for a second opinion, 
and had to instagram Madewell's storefront,
and this was so fun for me so Tah-duh my weird pics for you). 
 Temperature extremes. 
Our home yesterday to our home today!
and My favorite vacation instagrams...


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