Wednesday, November 21, 2012

a Move?

I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving.  Where has the year gone? I have my kids Christmas presents bought, which is a huge relief.  We are doing one big present for the big kids this year. Leights is getting a wagon for her big one, and a bonus of a baby.

I guess I'll just say it, because I have been getting a lot of questions about it. Are we moving? The answer is probably.  As of this moment we are most likely building a house about 2 blocks away.  I hate to say this is a final decision as we haven't signed any final contracts, but that's what we really would like to do.  We LOVE our neighborhood, but Leights crib, dresser, toys, diaper changer, and everything else has been in our room for over a year now, and it's time we get a little something bigger. We have actually been looking for a new house for 2.5 years now, but really haven't wanted to move from our awesome neighbors/ friends.  It's been hard because the neighborhood feels like it's home, but our house doesn't.  I really wish we could just drop a new one right on top of this one.

I guess back to the Thanksgiving preparations. It's my first time being assigned stuffing. Which hello there are a million different recipes out there. I bought stove top for backup (horrible, but that's my favorite kind). Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!


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