Friday, November 16, 2012

were going to a Hukilau...

AHH exciting news!! 

 When Hubs was at his meetings in Scottsdale everyone came in and told him congrats on his dealership winning the corporate presidents club award (called something like that) He didn't even know about the competition, he's just awesome like that anyway.  With that you usually win an awesome vacation. Usually the owner goes, because Hello, He owns the company and all or Hubs passes the smaller ones on to his other managers or salesmen.  He likes to be fair and He's actually got one coming up where they drew names and his name got drawn so he's going to San Francisco in a few weeks to watch a 49ers game.  Back to the point his boss called him last week and said we get to take the BIG one he just won this year.  

So there is 3 awesome vacations and first choices goes to whoever places highest. So vacation one, the best, The tournament of champions.  Which is an all expense paid trip to Hawaii to see the PGA tour, stay in Maui in a super nice resort, spa treatments, and free golfing included, as well as meals.  Trip two was the super bowl in New Orleans (hubs would like super bowl, but went to New Orleans this year already), trip three was see the GRAMMYs in LA. We were happy with whatever because they are all awesome once in a lifetime chances. Well he got his E-mail yesterday that said..

Your outstanding performance and extra effort has earned you a trip to the Tournament of Champions at the spectacular Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua in Kapalua, Maui!
Thank you for delivering the results necessary to earn this exceptional reward!

(google says this is our hotel)

So excited, it looks like Leights and I will be heading to Hawaii with Daddy!   

So I'm putting it out here, because we have never been to Hawaii (well technically hubs had a long layover there and got to see some of it for a few hours on his way to Guam), we need to know any suggestions or tips you have.  From my tiny research I really need to get to Oahu for at least a day because I guess the LDS Temple, The Cultrual Center, and Pearl Harbor are all there.


  1. Ooooo!!! I LOVE Maui!!! How long are you there for? We have been there twice now, in the past 4 years. I could give you loads of fun stuff to check out, and great beaches (Leighton would love this beach that the locals call "baby beach". It has no waves, and its like 2ft deep forever.) E-mail me if you want some info.

    So exciting!!!

  2. Oh, and Kapalua IS that beautiful! When we were there, they were holding the LPGA tour. Later, the guys all got to golf it, while the ladies had lunch and shopped down in LaHaina. That is so cool that you get to stay there!! And the first time we were there, we had Abbie who was just 1. It was so much fun.

  3. I love your life!!! How cool! I'm totally Jealous. And good job to Paul and Murdock and the hard work i'm sure it took to get to this point! We've been to Hawaii twice, but both times to Kauai... so no tips on Maui. Take lots of pics you'll have a blast!