Thursday, July 19, 2012


Broken? What's Broken?  

Oh don't worry it's nothing too essential, not anyone's leg. Nothing like that.

It's just my computer!

Oh wait I take it back, that is something kind of essential.

My hard drive is full, my lap top is old.  It's a big huge pain to try and save any of my photos. This is the reason why my post have slowly been dwindling into complete silence. Don't worry I'm ordering a new and bigger hard drive within the hour. 

Here is the one and only photo of Leighton's life lately.
It has taken me FOREVER just to put a watermark on, and import into my
photos, but this IS an important day.

Leights can rock the pigtails now....
See you in 3-5 days when my new hard drive gets here.

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