Friday, October 12, 2012

the normal..

With Leighton we notice any new development.  I get questions from her therapist monthly.... is she doing this or that yet?  Leighton has a cousin who was born the same day. Their BFF's and we see them a lot, so I notice how far behind the "normal" she is. Right now I'm OK with it. I'm proud of Leighton. The doctors made me feel I shouldn't expect much, and My life was going to very likely be miserable.  Well guess what? It isn't.  It's the same with actually more friends now.  I don't live in the fantasy land where I think most kids come healthy, actually there are so many out there just fighting to be here. I think that the people with all healthy kids are actually abnormal. We meet with a group of parents and kids weekly. The kids are all behind, and they all have different reasons for it.  I observe and talk with the Mom's and guess what? They're all Happy. Ya they might tear up about the fact their child has had 3 open heart surgeries, but their lives aren't at all miserable.  We get to notice all the tiny developments, and the joy over it is huge. So here's what's new this week.

Leighton has decided she wants to learn how to dress herself. 
Oh and if you try to help her you will get a 
ehhh....very stubborn this one is.
The other day it was her trying to put tights on her legs, and a shirt on her head.  I took this picture of her trying to get a dress on. I find it pretty smart of her to know what goes over her legs, 
and what goes over her head. 
and then last night. She decided she would eat like a big girl.
She didn't even throw the plate, and that's big.
She throws everything food, spoons, and sippy cups.
She usually yells for the dog when she does it,
even at the restaurant. (DOG, DOG throw pizza crust on floor)
We all clapped for her, every successful bite, and she would clap too.  We had the spaghetti flying!

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