Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dr. Down (syndrome)

Today I'm telling you to read this story about Dr. John Langdon Down.  He is the man who Down syndrome is named after.  It isn't because I want you to know about the man just because he helped put a name to Down syndrome.  He is actually an inspiring man.   Do you ever wonder what the world was like for disabled people years ago? Imagine me or you having your baby taken from you just because they had Down syndrome.  If you met Leighton you would know she deserves more then a future in chains. You might never have thought about it, but that is what happened in History for people like Leighton.

Imagine this cuteness in their place.... tied to a bed all day,
no hope of a future, no one who loved her.
 She would have been locked up or hidden away because she had some extra DNA. He saw that they had more potential then society believed, and was a start to change for kids with Down syndrome. His hospital was filled with music, and laughter.  Read it.  

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