Tuesday, October 30, 2012


My post is so late.  It was hubs day off so we were running from one thing to the other.  I got my tooth finished this morning, and gone is my pirate look, hurray!

The kids had a hard time falling asleep because their SO excited for Halloween tomorrow.  It's almost as good as Christmas. It will be crazy insane busy I'm sure. Tomorrow I will probably just post pictures of our Halloween costumes.  I do feel bad for those on the East Coast. We're tucked over here just living a normal life thinking about Halloween and their lives are all disrupted.  It makes me feel guilty.  The only thing that has really effected us so far is the stock market being closed, and that just means more time with the hubs because he wasn't distracted by it.  It breaks my heart to see the footage of the destruction.

Leighton and I (and Hubs) are going on an adventure soon.  We haven't been on one like this in a year so this will be fun, hopefully.
Leights on the last one...
so little!

Were heading for some warm weather.  Nothing to exciting like the Bahamas though....Just Scottsdale, AZ.  I haven't been there since Junior High so I don't remember it well.  Maybe we'll come back with a tan or something. Also in my news...I got released from my Church calling. It was sad because I knew Sunday was my last day and I was sick, bleh! I will miss teaching those kids, and having my Sundays filled with their little singing voices.  But the last year and a half has been pretty stressful so I'm looking forward to maybe chilling for a while (that's is if I don't get another calling...crossing fingers) lets put it out there.... a dream calling..how about activity days with Janalee :)?? To bad the bishop doesn't read my blog.  Leighton will be sad too because she loves singing time at church.   The bad thing is you could always get called to something worse and the Ladies in the presidency with me were very kind when I had to take so much time off with Leighton and they pulled my weight. I will miss working with them.

So this Post isn't very much Down syndrome, but I guess the point of that is...We don't always think, stress, remember it. That's right I'm spinning it in my favor.

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