Monday, October 1, 2012

its that time again

Yep that's right peeps, it's October.
Yes that means Halloween is right around the corner, but the best part of
October is.....
the fact that it's
Down syndrome awareness month.
So I have taken on the challenge of 31 for 21 again, and that means you will be blessed with my horrible writing, and grammar everyday for a month...well if you choose to take the time to read it anyway.  On a positive there will probably be cute pictures of Leighton everyday.  I know her Grandma will appreciate those.  So here's to kicking off the month, and you are all more then welcome to take up the challenge.  Even if you don't have a child  with Trisomy 21, you can still make others aware of how families, and friends are blessed by knowing these perfect little cuties. So click the button on the right, sign up, and start posting.

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