Thursday, October 11, 2012


I think it's so good for women to have hobbies.  My husband has lots... football, golfing, skiing, the stock market (I bet there's more too). I don't scrapbook, or make cards, but one thing I like to do is paint (and repaint) furniture (basically anything wood is fun).  
Stripping old paint isn't actually fun, but making something look great again is worth it.  My favorite is painting new fresh wood.  
Stacked in my garage is a huge project. My new unfinished bedroom set. When I ordered it (July) Leighton wasn't so busy (she's really into stuff this last few months). I finally finished the dresser.  It only took me a month (or more), I used to finish stuff in a couple of days.
(This is not its real location, we need uncle dah to come help hubs take it up the stairs).
It feels so good to accomplish something. 

So my thought for the day is to make sure you take some time to do the things you love.  I think it's easy for us Mom's to ditch our hobbies.
Like for me I don't like taking tons of time away from my kids, and this kind of thing works for me because I can work on it when they're out playing.  Even if it does take me like 5 weeks to paint one dresser! So find something that works for you, if you haven't already.

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  1. Jessica, the dresser is beautiful and your kids have an amazing mother and pleanty of attention.Keep doing your projects because they are part of being a good mother,which is providing a beautiful home for your family! Even if it does take you longer than it used to the projects make a happier mother and beautiful things for your family to enjoy!