Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I have a really close family.  My best friend's growing up were my cousins.  We lived on the same street as one set of cousins, and they were sandwiched between us, and my Grandparents.  My cousin (a year older then me) taught me how to drive.  She was in High School, and I was still in Junior High, and she would come pick me up from school.  We would sluff together, and she would let me drive (can you imagine if we got caught?).  I seriously had the BEST childhood.  My family is still close. I hangout with my brothers a lot. Our kids play. Hubs and I consider them our "couple friends".   I still see my cousins a lot too. 

One thing I don't have though is a sister.  I've only observed that kind of relationship, I don't have that bond with anyone.  My girls seem to have a great one. Sister tells Leighton she will do ANYTHING for her. They adore each other. 

playing ballet..

One of my favorite things that Leighton loves to do is her sisters hair...
she brushes it and fluffs it with her hands.

I'm so glad she has amazing sister. 
She has such a loving family, immediate and extended too.


  1. I wish so bad I was having a girl for Kams just for this reason. :(

  2. I just love this. I love that Kloey and Kourtney are such great sisters too! This just warms my heart.

  3. Oh my goodness, was this Lorie who sluffed with you and taught you to drive? I'm shocked! The things you learn when reading blogs-haha. None of us would get away with all the sluffing we did in today's world-our poor kids;)!

    Sisters and cousins are the best!