Monday, October 31, 2011

can i get a hoot hoot!

I made it.  I know my post's didn't happen everyday, but I did 31.  I'm glad it's over. It was pretty hard to remember everyday and  I know most of my post's were seriously lacking.  I should write an earth shattering post now, and bring you all to tears. Let the world know how great it is to have a Ds baby.  But come on, I'm not an earth shattering kind of gal.  I think you can all see how much I love this girl. I will just end this month with the cutest owl.
and the hope you all were happy haunting.

Leighton actually liked dressing up.  I swear when I put her in her costume she looked at me with eyes that said.....This is fun Mom, and she smiled.  I just love this girl.

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