Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo Shoot!

We just got home from church and Leighty looked so cute in her dress we had a baby super model photo shoot.

I think her fingers are bright red in this shot because she does what all babes her age do.  Chews, sucks, and slobbers on them.
We had to choose the hand to the face shot, because all super models like to give you options.
 The Check out the new throw pillow. Cutest one I have ever seen.
 and every good photo shoot ends with a silly face, right?
Love this baby super model.

 Just for an update this little bug tries to sit up all the time.  She actually has some good abs on her, but she always ends up falling forwards because her back needs some training. Sometimes I can get her to balance on her hands a bit. She actually pulled forward and fell back wards this time.
 Your getting there little girl!



  1. pretty baby! getting soooo close to sitting up!

  2. Lil' miss fancy pants! We missed you yesterday! at least I get my daily update. . . and great photos! She is SO sweet with her luvs and kisses! XOXO lil' Leighty