Monday, October 3, 2011

Our internet sucks.

We have the worst internet and it's not letting me load a picture, but I have to post. 31 for 21! Leighty had an unexpected trip to the doctor.  Her other ear is infected now.  Not really bad and it's up the canal so she just has some drops that go in it.  Anyway that has thrown my whole day off, and I feel like I haven't gotten anything done that I was supposed to.  There's a bowl full of bottles (I know that's weird. I store them in a big bowl because I don't want them in the sink, and I like to boil them I feel like it's cleaner) that need to be washed and I didn't get my spaghetti sauce made.  Oh well there is always tomorrow, and Leighty's health come first.   Did you know that my little girl is a smarty pants?  She has been waving for a month now.  You wave at her and she holds her hand up in salute or she actually waves it, and sometimes if she doesn't feel like lifting her arm she will wave her foot at you.  She always waves at her Dad, and if she really likes you she might wave at you too.  My Brother, and Mom are often waved at. Dad's the luckiest though.  She also opens her hands now to clap.  I say open your hands, and she does it, and then we clap (it makes the noise that way) and she laughs.  She likes to slap my cheeks now too, she finds that really funny.  She's pretty much the cutest ever.  
Got one to finally load, it's a day late...But oh well.



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