Friday, October 28, 2011

adventure awaits.

Last week I had been feeling really worried about Leighton's heart.  So it was so nice to open my E-mail and find out last Saturday that Leighton was chosen to be photographed for Infantinos new Everybody Play's campaign.  I had read about it, and decided I would enter Leighton. Hey, I think she's the cutest.  I didn't really think they would pick her because what are the chances? I never enter my kids in things like this because I want my kids to just be kids, but this was something I supported. Plus their was a bonus that we would get to meet Kelle Hampton.  So I talked my husband into talking a few day off work and come on our little adventure.  We have never left our other kids for more then a night while we stayed in Park City for our anniversary.  It was so nice to get to leave the stress of Leighton's health behind, and just get to play with her. 
Leightons first flight, and can I say she was a perfect angel?
She loves when I tell her we are gong on an adventure, she get's the biggest smile. More to come as I am 3 post behind on my 31 goal (we had no internet in our hotel room).

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  1. that is so so so cool! I saw your pic with Kelle Hampton but had NO idea it was for her to be photographed for that new campaign! That's so exciting. You guys are celebs now