Sunday, April 29, 2012


I've wonder before if I have spaced my kids to far apart.  I worry they might not be friends when their bigger.  Then I just think about my brothers and I.  My youngest brother and my older (not oldest) are six years apart, and all of us hang out.  We are each others "couple" friends.  Leighton and Brother are best buds,  She calls him buhba. I know they love each other a lot.

 It's Sister and Leighton that I worried the most about. I don't have a sister.  When we hung out as a family the boys always played sports, and I was left out.  If you know me then you know I am NOT going to do something I have zero interest in just to fit in.  So I would sit on the sidelines and feel a little lonely, and wished I had a sister.

I was so happy for big sis when Leighton's gender check said she was a girl (Poor brother was in tears, but he couldn't love her any more now if she was a boy).  When Leighton was diagnosed with Ds I felt bad for big sis.  She would be like me.  She would be missing that sister bond thing just like me.

Well I was wrong.  These two are so cute together.  They play with each other all the time, and Leighton LOVES getting all of sisters attention.  They have this game where they hide under a blanket, and the hug each other while I say....Where did Leighton and Sister go?

Then I pull the blanket off and they laugh and laugh.  When sister holds it up Leighton kicks her legs and puts her hands up to pull it over them. She has the biggest smile.  I am shown over and over that it will be fine. Our family is SO perfect.  Just the way it should be and we are super lucky.

I wouldn't change it if I could.

 Although brother is asking for us to adopt a 9 year old boy that loves baseball just like him, so he ALWAYS can play catch.  Maybe that would be more perfect for him.

For me though, it's just right. When I had Leighton one thing I thought was...I will have this buddy for life, she will be like my sister, and we will travel together (and I was SO excited). I don't know now if big sis will share with me.
 (Getting Leighton Kisses)

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