Friday, April 13, 2012

spring break..

We didn't leave town during spring break, but we're still having fun.  I love weeks were we have nothing really to do. There has been no appointments and we can just do whatever. Even if it's just stay home, and lay in bed until 10.  
(pictures are taken with the iPhone, it just doesn't take as good of pics as my real camera).
Sissy's hanging out playing iPad...
Daddy and I can NOT wait for summer. I'm seriously loving not having homework, and be to school every morning.  
We have been watching brother and Daddy practice baseball.  Daddy is Brothers coach for little league. Leights gets so excited when she get's to ride in her stroller, 
 and we have found out baby girl LOVES to slide down the slide (on my lap, not ready to send her down solo yet).  We also went to the Pie (our favorite pizza joint) for dinner this week. Leighton was all about her pizza crust.
Daddy's boss invited Leighton and Me up to eat at the roof after his meeting this week.  I can't tell you how much she loved this chocolate moose thing, with a nutty crust (my grandma used to make it for us all the time, I need the recipe).  She even licked the little spill off the table cloth and gave daddy and I the hugest smile.  She has really taken off with eating lately.  She is finally finding Joy in the new tastes.  We also heard the tabernacle choir practice, and she enjoyed that until Mom pocked her in the eye (by accident).  Everyone was commenting on how well behaved she is all night and then I go an ruin the streak of this perfect child and she was so cute she tried so hard not to cry.
My new stress is Crawling.  I know she will do it on her own time, and I'm not worried about when.  I have just been reading how good it is for body and mind that she does it correctly so we practice everyday.  She has her PT exercises down. He doesn't come enough and too far in between so I invent my own to add, these are just things I did normally with my other children.  I help her do the stairs, stand up and pull things out of drawers, help her crawl.
She loves to stand up to our sliding glass window, and bang on it.  She gets so excited pulling out my slips and tights out of the drawer, and she smiles so big going up the stairs (even though I do most the work).  Life has been nice with nothing much to do.

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  1. ohhhh, someone's hair is getting long! It's almost covering her ears in those last pics!

    And I'm glad you stayed around home. It's so nice to stay in bed and relax for a while!