Monday, April 2, 2012

it stinks of spring!

I'm excited it's Spring. I thought I would bring some blossoms in my house.  At first it smelled "a hint of Spring", but Big Sis informed me that now "it STINKS of Spring!" 
And she is correct.  Now that my house is sooo...(nice word).... fragrant, I admit might have gotten a little too excited about Spring.
You can see why I wanted them in the house though, right?

Spring also makes me want to start new projects and making Leights blanket inspired me to pull out the hubs, and mine.  It's been in "storage" for two years now.  It just needs the boarders and it's time to get this baby done.  I've been waiting for a new bed to lay this creation on, and I have a feeling the new bed might be close.  So this baby is getting finished, and posting about it here gives me some accountability right?
 Of course our little Spring Chicken was hatched in April.  I'm Still planning what to do for this little munchkins birthday.  The other kids started to count down yesterday (19 days..18 days), and even sang Happy Birthday Month to you. We might be a little excited about birthdays around this house. I can't believe she is going to be a year.

Dear Time,
Please slow down.
Thank You,

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