Saturday, April 21, 2012

a pinwheel party

Here is the party's decorations photos. 
1st birthday, a Pinwheel Party.

The Birthday Babies.
(Tycee, and Leighton)
Born the same day, In the same hospital.
 The Pinwheel Party.
Tycee's cake arrives. Isn't it cute with the buttons?
 This was Leighton's cake.
 My cousin (Lorie) helped me with it. I love it, and I did NOT want to cut it.

 The dipped Baby food jars.
Stuffed with flowers from my yard.

We had to have striped straws in Jars, because that's the thing.
I didn't get as may pictures as I wanted.   
There were pinwheels all through the yard, and my sister-in-law made poms to hang for me. 

Leighton loved it, and I will do a whole birthday post on her. 

It was so ...busy, fun, crazy, messy, exciting. 

Even if the beautiful pink cloudy cotton candy I had made (for 2 hours, what a mess, sugar everywhere) turned into a ugly sugar mass before I could put it out. Did you know cotton candy melts??? Why didn't I take a before and after...I was not thinking! 

It was worth all the time and effort to celebrate Leighton's first year of life.

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