Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm almost there...

Little bug is just a pinch away from sitting up.  She will do it for a minute, and by that I mean I can count to 30 slow.  
 So I thought how about some sitting pics.

She crashes right too.  She doesn't just tip, she pulls into a pre-crawl.  See how happy she when she lands.

She had her 9 month check up, and her heart check up this week. This baby girl is in 21% tile for height, 16% tile for weight and this is on a normal baby chart too. Baby girl is growing well! My part time job is doctors visits, but we get a heart visit break until April.  That will be nice since she's picking up a kidney specialist, and she will be visiting the Eye, and Ear doctor at one too.
She's such a Cutie Pie!

Love Her!


  1. Jessie, she is so beautiful and you are such an amazing mommie! I love reading your blog. You are really a gifted writer and express your feelings so beautifully. You are the best! Keep up the great blog and the amazing work as Lieghton's mommie!

  2. Oh my goodness could her smile get any bigger???

  3. Oh so cute. are you kidding that outfit is to die for. :) She's growing so fast.