Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Projects

A few weeks ago I was sick of feeding Leighty-bug on my lap so that night I had hubs bring up the old highchair.  We got it up and it was ghetto.  The padding was cracked, the plastic was yellowing.  It's 9 years old.  So husband said lets get a new one.  What? Did I just hear that correct? Husband has a master in accounting (and he grew up on a dairy farm) so you know what that makes him?  Cheap! So if Mr. Crabs was saying get a new one, then it must be bad.  When I was looking through the highchair selection on Amazon I decided I was through with my house being taken over by baby, and kid things. I wanted a highchair that was more me then rain forest themed chairs or the sleek modern contraptions that cost 500 dollars (no way I spending that on a spaceship looking highchair, just not my thing). So I found a website that had a unfinished wood highchair for 70 bucks, and I found a website with highchair pads that were so cute! Used some paint and stain I had. And this is Leighty's new highchair!
 Yes it's antique white, and Yes the pad's Gray (I know it's my favorite design colors).  Leighty picked out the polka dots.  They had other gray ones, but I asked Leighton if she's a polka dot kinda gal, and she said ahh-ya. 
And guess what?  
She rubs the tray and bangs her toys on it. 

 Plus Mom doesn't mind it, and I plan on keeping it for my Grand kids if it holds up. Can you believe I just wrote a whole post on a highchair?  Me either, but the pictures we're so cute, I just had to do it!


  1. So cute!!! She looks SO happy!

  2. Your pictures are amazing. I love seeing her so happy!

  3. Wow! Much cuter than any high chair I have ever seen. And she loves it! Win win!

  4. ha ha mr crabs! hey what website did you buy it from?