Monday, January 23, 2012

Claim to fame!

Leighton was chosen from a picture I sent in to be in the
Infantino Everybody Plays casting call.  
 This Picture
Husband, Leighty, and I got to fly down to San Diego, and take her to the shoot. 
 It was such a fun experience.  We met Kelle Hampton, and she took the pictures. 

It's been fun to find her pictures in the different places.  She's been on their facebook page a few times, on Theirs, and Kelle's blog, and also the face of their web page 
This picture 
 made an apperence in Kelle's 2 best 2 video too. 
I, of course, think she's the cutest baby, but it's been fun to have other people say she's pretty cute too. Even if she doesn't end up on any of the toys, she helps to show the world how cute little Extra 21-ers are. Oh and why did I write this post? So her family can always remember this. Plus she's just growing so fast.  She's 9 months!!! 
She's gone from this...
(this was her first dress -it's preemie size)

to this...
Way to fast.  I enjoying this little baby too much. 


  1. I love every step in growth she takes. She is just a big delight!

  2. She's beautiful... I'm so excited for you guys!