Thursday, January 19, 2012

family ties..

Some people wonder what it will be like for their other children having a sibling with that extra genetic material.  When we had Leighton our Son was nervous.  One of his friends told his school teacher about it, and it made my son upset.  He was a little embarrassed, and wanted to tell her when he was ready.  He hadn't met his sissy yet, she was in the NICU,  and he didn't know how to feel.  That Sunday they finally let us open the window and hold her up.  He was smitten.   Our daughter doesn't really understand it, I think to her it just means that she has more shots, and doctors appointments.  I wrote before about a study done on Ds kids siblings, and the amazing results.  They're proud of their sibling. I see it in my kids. They love her, they each say she is their favorite sibling.  They freely admit it to each other, and they don't mind.  I was just playing with the camera last night, and this morning and when I looked at my film and I can see itLife is better with Leighton in our family.
 Leighty bug loves to play the iPad, and her Bro is helping baby play his games.

Her and sis this morning, love the look on sister face, it's like she's in heaven.

I know as they grow their relationships might not be typical, but there's a lot love there. There is caring, and a sense of protection. No one may have her, make her cry, or laugh at her. If you do then you will answer to them. Isn't that the core of relationships with siblings anyway. 

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  1. So True Jesse. We are all lucky as a family to get to experience part of this with you. I love your kids and Leighton.