Wednesday, February 1, 2012

of Leight or Late

So I like to give myself therapy, and from my diagnosis, I've come to the conclusion I'm impulsive.  This isn't a recent discovery, but I'm willing to admit it here.  Leighty was the lucky recipient of this behavior yesterday.   The long of the short (is that how you use that?) is my Son has been saying he has been missing time with his Mama so I decided to let my kids sluff school for a day *side note:  kindergartner has surpassed what she needs to have mastered by end of kindergarten, and bro is getting really good grades....I just got a note he has jumped 4 reading levels, thank you a wrinkle in time and I figured their doing awesome in school, but we need to have some fun.  So we hit the mall, went to Gap and bought sunglasses for the little chicks, and got the mister a new tie from nordstroms (super cheap). Hit the food court for lunch, and witnessed some appalling behavior by some teenagers who made fun of an Autisic Man....bro noticed and told me that was rude and we decided their behavior was really ugly.  Walked through the Disney store, and realized we missed Disneyland. The impulsive behavior was when we went past Icing, and I realized Leighty love is sitting up so well (like 10 minutes or longer) 
 so she can totally get her ears piercedSo asked her siblings if we should do it, and they thought it was an awesome idea, 
 and now Leights has these!
I don't regret that I've done this. Leighton should be like every other girl and have earrings, tutus, and nail polish. I did it this early with her sister, and I have NEVER regretted it, but it made her look so pretty, and a little older, and her looking a little older I wasn't ready for.  I had a tinny cry over it yesterday....She is just growing up to fast for me.  I know what it feels like when you wake up and realize your baby is NINE, I mean when did that happen? So I've been so lucky to have this little girl that grows slowly, and develops a little later to savor, but the time is still going to fast, and then I pierced her ears, and she all the sudden isn't an infant she feels more solid.  You probably know that feeling? You kiss their heads, and its suddenly formed. That forehead is rock solid!  She likes them though, and she looks so adorable! She such a silly little Miss,
 and I'm sure I will cry more then a few more times about my kids growing to fast.  Yes being a Mom sucks at times like when your cleaning throw up off the mattress, or cleaning up that blow out that went all over the car seat, and your giving your babes a wet wipe bath because it even went in her hair while nosy onlookers are checking you out in that 0 degree weather at Walmart. Mostly it's the best though!


  1. I love this post. She thinks she is just a big girl. It shows on her face. Love her and was so glad to give her hugs and kisses again today!

  2. Oh how cute! She does look a little bit more grown up with them. And I agree kids grow way to fast.