Sunday, February 26, 2012

baby notes.

Mom thought it would be fun if I wrote a post since this is my blog and all.  This week has been pretty great.  I haven't had to go to the doctor once! That is a big deal, I don't like going to the Doctor.  Plus he wears glasses (which I think are cool on my Grandma, and I look super chic in them). You need to use caution and watch out when you see men in them, because he's probably a doctor, and you know a shot is soon to follow.  I didn't even have any therapist visit me, so Mom and I stayed home a lot. We did fun things like eat lots of snacks. 
I love store bought baby food snacks, but I hate store bought baby food.  I like the kind of baby food Mom makes from scratch. She has this cool thing that has a handle and she cranks it, and I get good things like spaghetti.  Mom says she doesn't blame me.  Even she knows baby food doesn't taste like the real deal.  She would rather just smash up half a banana.  Plus its saves her some cash, which Dad really likes.  I think most daddies like to save cash. We got to go on a walk this week. It was really fun.  Mom thought I looked adorable in my hoodie, but I wasn't on modeling duty, so I refused to pose for the camera.  
Sorry Mom!  Even super models need some time off. I also got my first haircut last weekend.  It wasn't even a big deal, just a trim along my neck.  I love my hair dresser.  She is Mom's friend, and way fun. I even let her hold me after, and I didn't even cry while she cut my hair.  Mom says mullets are not a good look on girls.  I guess I believe her, cause look how cute my hair looks today!
Mom gave me a "blowout" and I clapped when she was done, because I love how my baby bob is starting to look.  

I also got some new toys this week.  
 It was really cool.  We got a knock on the door, and a big box was on our step. Mom says it's called Amazon. She's a big fan because it saves money on tax and She even gets free delivery. More saving money again, your welcome Dad! Well I better go, it's time for a bah bah, and maybe a snooze.  


  1. Love her new-do! She's definitely having a good time!

  2. Oh yeah she's rocking her new hair cut!