Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A whole lot of Lovin!

 Since It's the month of Love I'm posting on 
3 things I am loving right now. 
(besides this girl)
  •  The Pioneer Women.  I know she's not new. I've had her cookbook, thanks to my cousin,  for a really long time now. It's just that have recently come to the knowledge that I always love every recipe I make of her's.  She must be my kind of Lady, and I get recipe's from her blog all the time too.  I made this tonight and if your looking for something to feed your honey for Valentines this recipe is it (husband LOVED it. He scraped his plate clean, and mine didn't even look as pur-ty as her's).  
Also I swapped out the Wine for 3/4 C of grape juice, and 1tsp of red wine vinegar 
(We don't keep wine on hand for cooking and such). 
  • Leighton's relationship with her daddy. She used to be all mine, but she has started getting really excited when her Daddy gets home from work.  She is just like her Bro and Sis with how she reacts to him.  Pretty soon she will be yelling Daddy and jumping into his arms along with them. She does it now in her own way (flapping her arms, and kicking her legs, and laughing).  Don't worry I'm still her favorite though.  She always comes back to mama pretty fast.  

  • Colored skinny jeans.  Now I don't know if you'll be seeing me in them anytime soon, but look forward to seeing Leights rocking this baby gap pair

         this summer (got 30% off them and I really love that too).  These are the ones that I have hung up patiently waiting for her to grow into.  Don't worry I'm loving her this size and not wishing the time by. 

So I guess that's my top 3 Favorites right now.  
 What are yours? 
Because I can always use some more new favorites!

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  1. I love the PW too. I also love Our Best Bites. I made their PB Bars on Sunday and they were the BEST!