Thursday, February 23, 2012

photo shoot.

We always pull the camera out for Leighton because she is always being so dang cute! I was thinking she looked cute in her new PJ's so we started taking pictures.
and then bro and sis put this Santa hat on her.
She obviously didn't love it, but she still looks cute even if she wont smile in it.

and this is today doing her "tin can therapy" 
 she is supposed to drop the lids in the can, but she likes to bang them on the can and make a lot of noise instead.  She does do it sometimes, but I think it could be a fluke or maybe it's to get me to leave her alone about it.


  1. She is SO cute! I just love her many modeling faces she whips out for the camera!

  2. ha she hated the santa hat! :) what big smiles!

  3. Austen loves his tin cans too & it's one thing I've got plenty of ;) It's the noise factor, none of even the best therapy designed toys do that. Love her expressions & the way you capture it in the shots. Love your blog, keep it up!