Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Therapy is part of a families life when you have a child with Special Needs. I'm probably the worst Mom when it comes to doing therapy. I don't focus on therapy very much when were not meeting with therapist. We play a lot, watch TV shows together, I sign with her as much as I remember, and give her the opertunities to learn.  We have therapy appointments (it seems) all the time. We go to group therapy weekly, but it actually feels more like fun then therapy (it's kindermusik) 

Practicing Rest Time...

Leighton is awesome at ring around the rosies, saying aaahhhnnnd STOP!, and doing a lot of the actions from class.  

One of the learning opportunities I give Leighton is swimming lessons...

Her teacher is awesome and she's teaching Leighton survival techniques (if she ever falls in) as well as swimming. I feel its essential for a baby who has a magnetic pull to water. We saw great improvements in her gross motor skills whenever she was doing sessions. She started crawling the first session and walked her third sessions.  She also learns to practice hard things, and its OK to be separated from Mom when she's learning. We do therapy all the time we just don't think about it all the time (if that makes sense). Leighton would probably progress faster if she had a more therapy focused Mom, but  I sure do Love her to pieces and I try my best to balance her life between the work and fun. Right now I think she learns through her play so its not to bad to focus on that for now. 

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