Sunday, October 13, 2013


 One of the things that happens a lot to me when people notice I have a kid with Down syndrome is they start telling me "things" I need to know about having a kid with Down syndrome because their neighbor, friend, Uncle, Aunt, 2nd cousin once removed also has a kid with Down syndrome. I'm always nice but sometimes I know I have a kid with Down syndrome right? I know she's only 2.5, but I've heard all the likely's, characteristic that are common, markers to look for, and health things to watch out for more then once. Sometimes so much I don't even want to think about anymore and I chose to not focus on it until I have to. I mean I've read a lot of books, seen specialist and they actually told me a lot of this just hours after I had her.   Knowing all these things can make you a companion to fear, and it isn't a fun place to be. So I guess this is a heads up since you know our Lolly, maybe don't do that. I would like if they 2nd cousin also has Down syndrome he's really talented at____, or he's really into ____, or maybe a happy story. That would be so much more interesting.  I really like when people individualize our kids instead of lumping them in a "Down syndrome" group. I don't mind if people notice that Leighton has Down syndrome first, I just want her to be seen as Leighton too, and I would admire someone for actually knowing their Uncles interest or talents more then the fact he has a Palmars crease. 
So here's some things about Leighton that make her her. She loves to wear dresses,  and cute outfits. I usually always let her pick out what she wants to wear.  She is very active and is the happiest running, climbing, and moving her body. She is hardly ever still anymore even when she sleeps.  She loves to play ring around the rosies with her brother and sister. She loves music, and singing.  Her favorite movies right now are The Little Mermaid, and Tangled. She loves dogs, and watching and hearing birds. Her favorite food is my speghetti , and pasta with Alfredo sauce from Maglbys fresh.  She doesn't really like food that's sweet, but she's started eating vanilla ice cream, and chocolate a bit.  She loves balloons, balls and bubbles.   She loves swimming, bathing, splashing in puddles.  She loves fountains, the ocean, and I even have to watch the potty like a hawk or I'm in trouble!!!  She is insecure around strangers, and loves her Mom the most (sorry but it's true) she loves her Dad a lot too, but I'm her favorite and I hope it never changes!!

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  1. It won't ever change you will always be her favorite.
    Here Daddy and brother and sister are also favorites-compared to everyone else. That is exactly the way it should be!