Friday, October 4, 2013

check up.

October is our yearly check-ups for Leighton. The stressing one is cardiology for her heart check up. I get anxiety the second my scheduling card shows up in the mail. Leighton had OHS (Open Heart Surgery) for a VSD repair, and also a artery repair (which had narrowed from her VSD).  Everything I've read says you should be fine after a VSD repair so I know I shouldn't worry, but I do.  I had Stomach pain all morning, and couldn't sleep last night.  Lolly was nervous too...She woke up at 6 which she never does, and had a hard time falling back to sleep. I always explain what were doing the next day when I put her to bed, and I couldn't lie. She got nervous when we pulled up, but I told her we would hold her and she would be fine, and said OK and she nods yes.  She understands so much just like a typical 2.5 year old, and actually a lot more when it comes to this kind of thing. She was really good for her appointment and we received good news. Normal lung pressures, normal blood pressure her growth and activity is perfect.  First time we have received good news at the cardiologist.  After surgery she had a small leak at her patch, we caused us to have to take "precautions"  but she couldn't hear it at all today!!
She also had to do her yearly blood draws. They check for Leukemia, Thyroid problems, Celiacs, and I think Diabetes ( I know I should remember it exact).  I told her what they do, and that if she was brave I would buy her a laptop (toy one), and she said Yes that would be a good idea. She didn't cry at all. Usually we have to hold her down just as they put the rubber band on her upper arm. Not this time she sat on her dads lap all brave only grimaced when they put the needle in, and watched the whole draw. 
Hubs teased me when we were walking out that she doesn't need a lap top (He's cheap like that) she didn't even know what I was saying...He said all mocking- yes and mom will buy you a pink lap top and when he said pink she was like ugghh naah then he's said... not pink, How about purple?  she paused with a Hmm let me think face and then say ahh ya and nodded yes.  She is one smart cookie and I love when I get to tell him see I'm right she knows!! Which happens all the time so you think he would just figure it out already! Sigh of relief with the heart for a year, and hopefully the blood work too.


  1. She is just a little hero! She is also tough! Love, love, love her and your whole family.

  2. Yea for all the good news!!!