Saturday, October 12, 2013


I have croup. I didn't even know adults still got the croup. My older kids haven't had croup since they were under 3. The doctor said it could be whooping cough which would mean I'm one of the percentage the vaccine doesn't work for. If someone in the family has to get it I'm glad it's me. I hope the vaccine works for my kids. Anyway I don't feel much like  writing anything so here's some cute Instagram pictures.

This first one I had Leighton try on her boots and carry her basket she's using for her Halloween costume. She walked up and down the hallway like a supermodel. She had the strut just like she was on the catwalk.

This second one is Leighton testing out mattresses when we were shopping for a guest bed 

She had such a fun time there. See mattress shopping is as fun as Disneland to this girl.

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