Friday, March 9, 2012

get the camera anyway.

 I noticed yesterday that I seem to miss those truly great pictures.  
 The ones that have to be saved in my mind..... 

Which isn't a great place, pretty scary actually, now that I have "MOM BRAIN".  Oh wait, I've had Mom Brain for 9 or 10 years now! Shouldn't I be used to it now? At least most of my friends have it too, and their pretty tolerant. 
 Back to point...They are those snapshots we miss, that actually inspire us to go grab the camera.  That happened to me yesterday.  Leighton was being so adorable with the dog.  They were being so cute together that I ran for my camera, and while I was gone the whole scene changed. I was mad yesterday because they never went back to that cute encounter.  When I was looking though the shots today I started thinking how sometimes your pictures will take on a funny scene.  I didn't know this was going to happen I was waiting for that cute moment I ran for the camera for, it never came, and I got this instead....
I call it the Toy Snatcher!

Which was pretty fun because Leighton doesn't really go snatch things from people, but apparently she does from the dog!

I was waiting for the dog to get mad, but He didn't.  He's actually a really awesome dog with kids and we're pretty lucky. He's brothers, but He shares. 

Leighty baby got a new chair this week. Since She seems to be my "reader" and when I saw this chair for cheap. I had visions of her sitting in it with a little book shelf next to her, and she can brows through them when she's a little bigger.  For now it makes a good photo prop, and TV chair. 
I'm not a photographer. I don't get how to make my shutter speed, aperture, histogram (is that the right word?), and lighting work in my favor. I don't know the correct way to edit My photo's either.  I just mess around until it looks alright to my eyes. Photography is to complex for me and I don't like to think that hard with My hobbies. 

This is My one "photo rule." I want to make the point that if your like Me, and you think you might have missed "the moment",  you missed the perfect shot. Don't just sit there. Go pull the camera out anyway.  You might just capture something pretty great, even if it isn't the photo quality, but the photo quantity (my term for the content of the image). 
Like sister being sneaky, and then trying not to be found out.
This wasn't the plan for the pictures at all, and I LOVE IT! I always look at my pictures in order, and I love how the story sometimes plays out.  So pull out your iPhones, and cameras anyway people!

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  1. Yes! Just keep taking pictures! I can never get enough! That chair is so cute, and those girls are soooo adorable! - love that LC got the toy! ---those candid shots are often some of my favorites!