Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Since having Leighton I have been made aware of things that I never put much thought into before.  I never thought much about what happened to Disabled babies, and children years and years ago.  Do you ever remember reading about it in school?  I know that Disabilities aren't something new to the world.  People born with extra or deleted chromosomes have always happened.  They told me when I had Leighton not to long ago people wouldn't even consider keeping their babies, and they were actually not given much of a choice in keeping them.  I can't imagine the pain of leaving my baby at the hospital never to see her again.  The sad thing is that in other countries this still happens.  Just because their babies are born with an extra 21st they are given up, and kids born with cerebra palsy, and any number of disabilities are abandoned too.  They live their lives in orphanages with a slim chance of being adopted by someone from America. If their not adopted by the time their 4 or 5 they are placed in mental institutions where the conditions are horrible.  They are sometimes tied to their beds, they don't get the chance to learn or be loved.  I place Leighton is that place a lot, and it breaks my heart.  I've gotten to meet some Mom's who adopted a child. It can be a challenge emotionally, and financially, but I'm so happy it happens.  I've been talking to husband about us maybe doing it, and hopefully we will be able to some day.  I see a lot of Mom's who have a Ds child, and they adopt another.  I never really thought about  people born with disabilities, until I got to see it.  I never really knew about adoption of kids with disabilities from other countries until I met people who did it. I thought I would write a little about it in case you might want to be aware of it too. I just think if Leighton was born to me somewhere else, and It was unheard of to keep my child.  What would I have done? I know how much those parents, and children are missing out.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  She's a huge blessing to our family. She needs our love, and even more we need hers.

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