Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I had a Birthday...I was so spoiled.  
I can't believe all that has happened since My last birthday.  Ha! I was so pregnant this time last year  and I never would have imagined what God had in store for me with this new little one. I was talking to someone today, and She made a good point.  She told Me how she came to the realization that sometimes things we think might be a trial are actually huge blessings.  God knows us, HE REALLY KNOWS US. He wants to shape us, mold us, make us grow into better people.  That's the short version, but it was a very good talk. I waited so long to get pregnant between Leighton and Sister. I wasn't ready.  Plus deep down I felt I was going to be dealt a blow with My next one.  I knew My life had been a little cushy, and I was in for one. We were so blessed to have two healthy children.  I think a lot of people take if for granted, and I never have.  I knew it was a miracle from the start of their lives with both their crazy births.  I know some people might not understand this, but Leighton is the hugest blessing I have been given.  I know when you find out your baby could have Ds you pray it isn't true. You pray for God to let them be healthy, strong, and "normal."  Now I always think about that Garth Brooks song that says I thank God for unanswered prays.  Leighton coming to Me with Down syndrome was an unanswered prayer, and I am so thankful He knows Me better then I do. He ignored my pleas. She 's just what I needed. I felt from her Birth that she doesn't need to be here.  She is a perfect spirit, but We need her.  She is the light, and center of our family. We all gravitate to her because she puts joy, and peace into our lives.  Now that I look back to that time with  the perspective of what almost a year can bring. I know She came just how God intended. I'm so thankful every second She is in our lives.  He knew it was going to be the best thing to ever happen to our family. Leighton's has been My best gift this year.

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  1. I'm glad you had such a good birthday- and the PIE! miss that sooo much!

    You've had a really great year to look back on. I like what you said about unanswered prayers. It's so true. And sometimes it's so hard to rely on Heavenly Father to figure things out and lead us in directions that we wouldn't have chosen for ourselves but it ends up being so awesome and great for us.

  2. Love that song too! There is something cathartically warming about reading your posts, though I am reading it at midnight so... :) Your pictures look like they come from a magazine! You have such a great eye! Looks like the perfect way to celebrate your birthday!

  3. It looks like you had a fun birthday :) I am so glad you decided to do this blog- it's helped me feel a part of your life that I wouldn't otherwise get to know- your post was so sweet... I love that Garth brooks song too and I am right there with you , thanking my Heavenly Father for all those unanswered prayers that have saved me... I feel so very lucky to be at least an extended part of your little angels life; I agree with you, she really seems to be here to bless all our lives and not for herself!