Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Whats Up?

Dad/ Husband always hates that I have a million and one projects going on at once.  I don't know why I do it, but I have sewing projects, craft projects, and furniture projects that I always start.  I do usually finish them.  Sometimes quickly sometimes it takes a long time.  He can't really say anything though because only one of the three garden boxes got stained and he started that project 4 years ago.  Leighton has been so good while I worked on my new night stand.  She watched me until it got to cold for her to be outside.  

I love painting furniture. It's one thing that actually relaxes me.  I took a class at my favorite furniture store, and its been worth ever penny. Now I can buy the same stuff cheaper online and paint it myself.   My stuff looks the same and cost me half the price, plus no tax or shipping. Daddy/ Husband and I made a bed together for older sis 2 summers ago.  
We have also re-finished some things we got free or bought used.

Built the bed, and refinished that amour.

Starting with fresh wood is my favorite.  Stripping old paint isn't fun (but worth it), and it's hard work. 

New Night stand.
  I'm going to take on some more furniture projects this spring, it's to cold until then.

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