Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Leighton moved out of the bassinet today. She is almost 7 months, and I know that most babies move out at 2 or 3, but she has still fit. Well,  until a few days ago. She must have grown because her legs are always flopped over the top of her bassinet this past week. Oh and her clothes are getting tight! Yeah, but Nay too. Love that she growing.  If she grows so will her heart, and maybe her hole will close.  Crossing fingers. But oh do I love and enjoy this baby.  She's such a sweet content little bugglet.  I'm making her cribbing (bumper, skirt, and quilt).  The bumper and skirt aren't finished yet, so we just knew her legs were going to get stuck in between the bars.  Oh they will with the bumper too, just a little higher. She loves to stick those little feet between things, and fall asleep.  We let her play in it to get used to it. I looked over and she's asleep, and where is her foot?

Love this girl!

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