Friday, November 25, 2011

Welcome to Zebra Boots!

I can't even name the number of times I have been given this Holland story.  I think every "special needs" Mom must get one.  Kelle Hampton wrote a post on it too. I don't love this Holland story, and I don't connect with it.  Maybe if they said Hey, your still in Italy, but you have a different set of shoes then you thought you would have here. Your luggage was lost in travel.  It's a shock, and you might grieve for those comfy runners you thought you would have here.  You get over it quick, because your going to have a good time regardless, you just know it.   So you throw a hot pink shirt with those zebra boots. You never even imagined wearing something like that.  It takes a special person to pull that off.  Someone more daring then you. It's what you have been given though and your going to make it your own and pretty soon you realize it's comfortable, and their a new favorite (hey there's a wait list for these boots, and some people even go get them from other countries).  
I get that wasn't what you expected part.  It's the; "it wasn't the destination you planned on" angle,  because really it is.  Your still a parent. You still have these same emotions. You still have the same purpose, and your in the same place as any other Mom.  I used to say to myself when people would talk about it to me, "Well, I've been to Italy twice, and I get to see Holland too.  Not everyone gets to see Holland.  It's a fluke, a stroke of luck. Ya there's heartbreak, and worry in Holland, but there is in Italy too." Wherever I am, I'm happy with my destination.  I'm going to rock out these Zebra boots in a world that portrays them as defective, and would throw them away if they have the choice.  There are still a lot of people out there who appreciate my hot booties.  They look at them like their rare and wonderful. They make them smile, and they brighten their days.  Those are the people I have come to like anyway.
 My boots might start to think their famous, because they seem to be always walking the red carpet wherever they go.

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