Saturday, November 12, 2011

There is beauty all around.

The other day I walked out in the morning to take the kids to school and I thought "it feels like Thanksgiving."  I have a love hate relationship with this time of year. 
It's sad to see the beautiful bold colors of spring and summer
  fade to brown, 
 (Daddy was drying out these sunflowers to harvest the seeds, the birds have gotten to them first).
but their is beauty in the browns and yellows.  I'm excited for the traditions of this coming season. I'm am also bracing myself for the stress, and hurried pace. It's nice to have moments when you look out your window and notice the brown dry sunflowers are actually very beautiful shades. That has become a part of my life of late. Noticing beauty when you don't expect to.  Little Leighton attracts goodness in the most unexpected places.  I have noticed she is a magnet to loving people with kind excepting hearts.  I will over hear the comments of people who are probably observers from the sidelines.  Their probably to afraid to approach because they don't want to offend me. That's fine, I'm one of those people. I notice and love, but usually don't step out of my comfort zone. I have to actually be thrust in there by an unseen hand.  Then there are the brave ones who come talk to her. They aren't cautious. They jump head first into the encounter, and she makes their days brighter too.  I wonder if they go home and tell their loved ones about the unexpectedly beautiful baby who brightened their day.  I'm so blessed to be a witness of this little girls life.  
I know we will have days when the mean, and un-excepting will rear its ugly face.  I know those days will be hard, but I have so many beautiful days. I love to see the people who except this baby with open arms. Its almost never the ones you would expect.   Sometimes it's the dirty construction worker, or a sullen teenage boy who breaks out in a bright smile. They take the time to talk to her, and tell her she's so adorable, and I'm caught off guard in the best way.  I get a glimpse of their true hearts. Leighton makes me aware of the beauty that is in the shades of brown.    

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