Monday, September 5, 2011


Leighty bug had her cardiology appointment this week.  It didn't go as well as we expected.  Her PDA is smaller, but her cardiologist wanted more progress and started talking about surgery.  As of now she would have to have open heart surgery because she's so tiny.  We are praying it will close. At the very least we're hoping she can wait until she is big enough for the other procedure, where they can go through an artery in her leg.   There is risk involved in that one also, but the recovery would be so much better.  It's hard for us to be considering open heart surgery for her when she is so healthy,  and growing so well.  He expected her to have to be on heart medication by now, and having liver problems, but she isn't having any major problems from the small hole. She was moving around the whole echo, she had her legs in the air spread-eagled (her favorite), and was chatting to the tech.  We have heard that this can effect the results of her echo so were crossing our fingers that her sedated one will be so much better. Here's some pictures I took at her appointment
This is an x-ray of her lungs.
 Getting her Echo
but I would always rather be taking these kind of pictures.


  1. Oh I hope she doesn't need surgery either! That is scary for such little babies!

  2. I hope it was because she was moving all around and chatting it up during the exam. I love that she was all stretched out spread eagle. A baby has got to be comfortable during all that :). You'll have to keep us posted on how the next one goes.

    Love the headband in the bottom picture. I've been following a page on FB that has an etsy shop with ones like that. I love it.

    By the way, this is Lani. It's giving me a way hard time in posting this. Keeps saying I'm anonymous?...

  3. Okay, finally got it to work :)!

  4. Hope it goes well - we will be praying! Brady had his PDA closed through the cath procedure and it was pretty easy - the hardest thing was slowing him down for a couple of days after. I am praying that your sweet girl will be able to have that procedure vs open heart! HUGS!!!